Why L.A. Lety's Maid?

L.A. Lety's Maid House Cleaning offers general cleaning services in Los Angeles that can take care of your cleaning needs. We’ve been servicing Los Angeles residences for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve worked hard to gain our clients’ trust. 

Committed to using organic cleaning products, L.A. Lety's Maid House Cleaning knows the importance of keeping you and your family and pets safe from harmful chemicals.

We use high-quality products that don’t sacrifice effectiveness for safety. We understand that everyone has different cleaning needs. Therefore, we offer a variety of services and can customize those services to meet your needs.
Contact information:
Phone: (818) 450-7090
Email: letysmaid@aol.com


This FAQ can answer your questions about cleaning services. If you still have unanswered questions, contact L.A. Lety's Maid House Cleaning to get answers.
What Are the Benefits of Working with Cleaning Services in Los Angeles?
These days, time is precious. Whether you spend all day working in an office or taking care of your kids at home, you probably don’t have much time to spare. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

When you work with a cleaning service, you can save time. Instead of spending all of your free time cleanings, you can enjoy life. You also can get a regular and deeper clean on your home.
How Frequently Should You Get Your House Cleaned?
Everyone has different cleaning needs. Therefore, the frequency of cleanings depends on your situation. If you have a house full of dogs and kids, you might prefer weekly cleanings. But a single person with a small home might only need a deep clean once a month.
What are the Benefits of Organic Cleaning Supplies?
There are many benefits to using organic cleaning supplies. In addition to limiting your exposure to toxic chemicals, using them also improves your indoor air quality. The chemicals can be just as — if not more — effective than standard cleaning chemicals.
What Makes L.A. Lety's Maid House Cleaning Unique?
When it comes to your house, you deserve perfection. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a cleaning service that strives for perfection. That’s where L.A. Lety's Maid House Cleaning stands out. We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible service. If you’re unhappy with your clean, we’ll do it until it meets your standards.
Do You Have to Get Regular Cleaning Services?
It is possible to get a one-time clean. However, it can make more sense to have regular cleaning. This is because a one-time clean is only a band-aid to the real issue. The problem is likely to return, and you’ll need to hire a cleaner once again. When you get regular cleaning services, you can eliminate the problem. You don’t ever need to worry about the situation getting out-of-hand. Instead, your cleaner can maintain a safe and clean environment.